Our Products

We are one of the reputed dealers of all kinds of musical instruments in Udupi. We have been in to this business for more than twenty years. We deal with musical instruments such as violin, guitar, drums, flute, trumpet, Musical instruments in our stores are of top leading brands like D Addario, Tama, Ibanez, Fender, Sonor, Yamaha, Saxophone etc. More than a decade of experience in this field and honest dealings added good reputation for our stores among the people.

You may find the quality and lot of differences in original instrument when compared to that of a low quality Musical instruments. Since these instruments can be quite an investment, it's best to choose the best brands that are available in our stores.

Visit our local instruments store at KALSANKA "BHAKTHA TOWERS" and try out instruments. We help you in buying the best brand and model for you. Instruments need to be serviced about once a year, or more often if something happens to them.

We provide the best quality service and maintenance if something happens to them. At once with such a wide array of music instruments available, if you feel at confused about your purchase, then call us for consultation..